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How to use

  • Create a group of contacts
  • Record a message; save it in a custom folder
  • Select the > next to a message; Select a group of contacts; Press Send
  • In the next 10 seconds, we will dial each contact and place your audio message directly in their inboxes
  • The other party gets a voicemail alert as usual with your tel# as callerid
  • Works with most phones and carriers worldwide
  • You don't need to listen to 60secs of ads; you dont need to enter any credit-card info
iPhone Group Voicemail Usage

  • Save your tel#, email address and country in the Settings tab
  • In the Keypad view, choose a contact or dial a tel#
  • You can give your group of contacts a custom name
  • Record an audio message in the Messages view
  • Folders
  • You can save messages in custom folders
  • Recordings
  • Select the > sign next to a recording; Choose a group of contacts
  • Delivery
  • Press Send to deliver your message to the chosen contacts
  • Settings
  • Save your tel#, email and country location before using the app
  • Contact handsfree.ly support

    • Please send email to admin@infinear.com for any support issues