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How to use

  • Record long meetings and lectures; No download from device needed
  • Pause recordings
  • During long recordings, the app runs in the background and screen powers off to conserve power
  • Privacy of recordings guaranteed; generated URLs are unique to your device
  • Links to MP3 recordings can be emailed to a list of recipients instantly
  • Choose higher sampling rates for better quality (albeit slower downloads) in your Settings tab in the app
  • Streaming MP3 player included
  • Organize recordings into folders
  • Add the links to the MP3 recordings to iTunes (go to Advanced-->Open Audio Stream and paste URL from email)
  • Create playlists of lectures or business meetings
iPhone Mic Usage

  • Start by pressing the Record button
  • When Stop is pressed, create a Folder
  • Add a recording name next
  • You can use the streaming player to listen to recordings
  • Press the greater than symbol to set up one or more email addresses. Select and press Done to email recording
  • Folders

    • Telephone Number: The Recorder calls this number
    • Email Address: Send recordings here by default when you hang up
    • Your name: is added to the subject when the recording is emailed
    • Audio Transfer Speed: changes the sampling rate. The default is Fast (16k). Medium is 32k and Slow is 41.5k (CD Quality)

    Contact handsfree.ly support

    • Please send email to admin@infinear.com for any support issues