PayPal Payments as easy as saying "Pay"

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Setup your paypal a/c for mobile access
Make Payments
Payment History and Refunds
Refund Policy and Click2Call

How to setup your PayPal Account for Cell Phone Payments

Pick a preapproval limit. You can make payments to any cell phone# upto a maximum of this limit. You will be redirected to to authorize this preapproval. This authorization permits this site to make payments from your PayPal account on your behalf. We do not store any account information on our site. You can always revoke this authorization using the "Cancel" command below.

PayPal Commands

There are two types of PayPal payments:

With both the above options, you will hear a message confirming the payment was successful. If there was an error processing the transaction, the exact error message is read out too

Additional PayPal commands are:

Payments Transaction History and Refunds

There are 3 types of transactions displayed in the PayByFone Center:

You can refund a payment received by you by clicking the "Refund" button

Refund Policy and Click2Call uses PayPal APIs to facilitate payments between users. There may be situations when senders need to contact merchants regarding payments. Users may contact merchants upto 3 times to resolve disputes. Follow the instructions below to contact a merchant. If these 3 calls do not resolve the dispute, the user reaches when they call and say "Support" at the main personal menu. reserves the right to cancel a merchant's account if there are too many disputed transactions reported by users.